The second Sunday of the month in Montsoreau is sacred: the Loire lends its royal setting to the famous Puces. Thousands of second-hand goods dealers and collectors flock to the quays of the small town of character on the border between Anjou and Touraine. Collectors arrive at dawn in the hope of fishing for the rare pearl by browsing between the stalls. True amateurs or simple strollers, everyone comes to admire old books, trinkets, lace, furniture… and enjoy the magic of the river.

It is now a tradition, in May, the Puces de Montsoreau wear spring clothes on the theme of Nature and Gardens. For the occasion, the exhibitors, all professionals, set up shop in the alleys that lead to the castle dear to Dumas. Between many events and tastings, the city of tuffeau will vibrate to the delight of lovers of beautiful works.

Don’t miss this colorful rendezvous in Montsoreau, just a few steps from Candes-Saint-Martin.

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Château de Candes & Spa

A 15-minute walk from Montsoreau lies the pearl of Touraine. A completely renovated castle welcomes you for a royal stay with swimming pools, Spa, Street Art park and top-of-the-range accommodation.