In the heart of Touraine, the Château de Candes-Saint-Martin is a must-see heritage site for visitors looking for Nature, Art and History.

Located on the highest point of the village of Candes-Saint-Martin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Château and its Aubigny Tower crown a splendid terrace covered by its French formal garden. It faces the confluence between the Loire and the Vienne and offers a sublime panorama on the delta of these two rivers. It is built on colossal cellars, which are the memory of the wine-growing history of the place.

The castle’s park, which covers more than 4 hectares, has more than 40 monumental works of street art since 2019, thus managing to link Art, Nature and History. An exceptional place, the Château de Candes-Saint-Martin is a cradle of cultural innovation hosting exhibitions, artistic events, and wine tastings. It offers a feast to the visitors for all the senses.

Heritage, Nature, Art and History at the confluence of the Vienne and the Loire

Tourist visit, Heritage, Art and Culture

Stay at the Château de Candes, the tower and its luxury vacation rentals.

For travelers looking for a hidden paradise to rest for a few days, the Domaine du Château de Candes-Saint-Martin offers a unique hotel offer. We could not dream of a better place to enjoy the "douceur Angevine".

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