Ideal for a walk, the Loire Valley, also called the Valley of Kings, listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an integral part of French history. Rich in its historical heritage, concentration of arts and royal dynasties, this valley receives an average of 4 million tourists every year from all over the world. It is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world.

Enjoy the Loire while tasting wines from the region, dining alone or in a group. One of the authentic experiences to live in Candes-Saint-Martin is a trip on a traditional flat-bottomed boat. Our various partners and friends will make you spend unforgettable moments strolling on the Loire.

We recommend the Amarante which offers boats for 10 people and more, possibilities for dinners, bird watching and others.

All seasons lend themselves to these timeless walks.

Contact Amarante:
Booking: 02 47 95 80 85

Le château de Candes & Spa

On the heights of the village majestically sits the Château de Candes, luxury accommodation, Swimming pools & Spa, Street Art Park, come and stay in this timeless place.